Monday, December 27, 2010

Floral Design Class: Hogarth Curve and Ikebana

The last arrangement we attempted in our Advanced course was the Hogarth curve.  It was our first chance to play with Bells of Ireland and to use wire to form the frame of our arrangement.  My curve is not quite "Hogarth-y" enough, but I got some dinky Bells of Ireland to work with.  It was a great experience though in learning that you have to recognize and work with the shape of the foliage and flowers that you've got--you can only force them so much.  It is a style that definitely takes practice.  I loved the dalias that we got to work with too!
Attempting Ikebana was definitely the most difficult for the class because it's such a foreign idea.  You mean I can only pick three pieces to work with?  And I have to follow a pre-set pattern of sizes?  I actually found that I really liked it (I loved the strawflowers) and enjoyed it on my bedside table.  I think Domo did too.

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